Skintegra Architect repair serum emulsion with bakuchiolSkintegra Architect advanced repair serum emulsion with bakuchiol

Skintegra Architect

Repairing serum emulsion for problematic & ageing skin
Skintegra Clarion sekin-clearing exfoliating serumSkintegra Clarion skin-clearing exfoliating serum

Skintegra Clarion serum

Exfoliating serum for combination / oily & acne-prone skin
Skintegra Infrared correcting and soothing serumSkintegra Infrared correcting and soothing serum

Skintegra Infrared

Calming serum for inflammation-prone skin
Skintegra Lumion brightening and rejuvenating liquid exfoliantSkintegra Lumion brightening and rejuvenating liquid exfoliant

Skintegra Lumion

Exfoliating toner for tired, congested and ageing skin all skin types
Skintegra Solar I SPF 30 fluidSkintegra Solar I SPF fluid

Skintegra Solar I

Broad spectrum UV protection (SPF30) fluid for sensitive skin
Skintegra Superba C antioxidant radiance serumSkintegra Superba C antioxidant radiance serum

Skintegra Superba C

Brightening & revitalising serum for dispigmented skin, all skin types
Skintegra Tria Light spots and texture treatment creamSkintegra Tria Light spots and texture treatment cream

Skintegra Tria Light

Treatment cream for normal to oily & blemish-prone skin