Allantoin is an ingredient which has been used in cosmetic products for more than 70 years and it has an unmistakeably proven role in soothing and healing the skin. It is a proven anti-irritating, hydrating and reparative agent which regulates the skin’s inflammatory reactions and fibroblast proliferation, that is, regulates synthesis of the skin’s extracellular matrix. What we perceive as an inflammatory process is in reality a necessary step in skin healing, a reaction that signals the cells how to act in order to heal the damaged segment of the skin. Allantoin is an ingredient which has been proven to moderate that inflammatory reaction (source: Araújo L.U., Grabe-Guimarães A. et al 2010 Profile of wound healing process induced by allantoin Acta Cirurgica Brasileira, 25:460-466).

Apart from the above, allantoin is an effective addition to products targeted towards treating any type of sensitivity or reactivity of the skin, even when added in very low concentrations such as 0.5%. This ingredient is naturally present in plant and animal organisms, including snail slime, but since extraction of slime from snails is an ethically questionable practice to say the least, the allantoin used in Skintegra’s products has been derived from non-animal sources.

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