Carefully picked for you

Our skincare range is carefully selected and tailored - and the intense work behind every single product doesn’t stop when it is developed and launched. Actually, that is when the hard work truly begins. Our research and development team is constantly advancing, adapting and re-evaluating. When cosmetic technologies and innovative ingredients are involved, we carefully consider what we want to use in our products and that kind of detailed approach keeps us happy with our work.

Made in Croatia

Did you know that all Skintegra products are made in Croatia? You may not know this, but this beautiful country (most known for its breathtaking landscapes) is also a home to our formulations.

Giving back

Skintegra blends skincare with ethical integrity which is the biggest part of our brand identity. We believe in mild and consistent skincare. Carefully curated ingredients blended holistically and beautifully into exquisite formulas. Skin health above skin beauty.

All our formulas are 100% vegan and cruelty free but we've actually gone beyond that and teamed up with local animal shelters. Every year, a part of our profit goes to help support abandoned animals cared for by various non-profit animal shelters.

Last but not least, we also donate our products to women and children in Croatian safe houses & shelters. You may think that this is trivial but think again. Having a sense of normalcy and self-care is important in the process of healing. Someone somewhere sees your beauty and worth - this is a message to repeat about every morning and every night.

Meet our founder Jelena

Inspired by my own skin struggles, I decided to create a skincare line for someone like me.

Here's the story. My skin has always been difficult. Working as a beauty editor & columnist, for years I tried to make my skin beautiful based on what media taught me to be the ultimate skin look everyone should be able to achieve. I strived for poreless, perfectly even skin, with zero expression lines and resilient to complicated beauty routines & treatments (does this sound familiar?). Yet not one of those things worked for my combination - oily, acne prone skin with accompanying rosacea. And moreover, the limited idea of what beautiful is and isn't didn't match my own values. I didn't want to be a passive bystander anymore writing about things that didn't work for me, so I left media and created Skintegra. I created it selfishly good because I needed it for myself first. Working closely with a team of skilled formulators, I realized my hands-on approach could help many other people cope with similarly intolerant skin. Great formulas are so important, but great guidance & education on products is what actually ensures that people will recognize the right treatment and use it correctly. Difficult skin can be managed with a steady routine, you just need to know your skin first and choose the right product for yourself. It is really that simple. I didn’t give up on my skin - and I'm here to tell you that neither should you.