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Skintegra Naro

Skintegra Naro

Booster, 100% vegetable squalane

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  • Vegan + cruelty free
  • Dermatologically tested
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Skintegra Naro is an oil booster (squalane) derived from a natural plant source.

Squalane is a non-oily oil that replaces the application of base oils on skin intolerant to classic care oils. It is a hydrocarbon, normally a naturally present component of human sebum, the production of which significantly decreases after the age of 20, which results in reduced elasticity and dryness of the skin.

It is preferable to replace squalane on the skin because it moisturizes, nourishes and softens the sebum in a bioidentical way. By replacing squalane, we make the skin smoother, nourished and preserve the barrier function.

The squalane in Skintegra Naro booster is derived from olive oil and differs from olive oil in that it does not have a heavy finish on the skin; it also does not have the characteristic smell of olive oil nor does it contribute to clogged pores and is therefore ideal for use on all skin types, including those prone to irregularities.

Applied to a wet face, or to a face already nourished with a serum or cream, squalane helps to prevent the moisture loss from the skin and thus contributes to the preservation of a healthy skin barrier.

Skintegra Naro is extremely stable and inert, which is a desirable property for emollients / occlusives because this makes them highly tolerable even on sensitive skin. Skintegra Naro is in a recyclable glass container with a dropper that enables precise dosing and hygienic use.

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How to use

Apply 1-2 drops of Naro alone on a damp face or mix it into a serum (gel, cream) once or twice a day.

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PURPOSE Oil booster as an addition to other oils and emulsions or as a standalone product
SKIN TYPE All skin types, including sensitive and reactive
SPECIFICATION 100% vegetable squalane (from olive oil)
PH Neutral
FRAGRANCE AND TEXTURE Quick-absorbing and light oily texture, odorless
PACKAGING Glass opaque bottle with pipette, 30ml

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