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Squalane is a naturally present component of human sebum whose production significantly decreases after the age of 20, resulting in reduced elasticity of the skin. To put it simply, skin becomes less plump, more dry and lifeless. It is then recommended to restore squalene to the skin since it hydrates, nourishes and softens it in a way which is bioidentical to the way sebum does, at the same time providing it with additional essential fatty acids and an anti-oxidative effect.

In Naro squalane is derived from olive oil but unlike olive oil it does not leave a heavy film on the skin, does not have its characteristic scent nor does it contribute to clogging pores. This makes it ideal for use on all skin types, including those prone to breakouts. Applied to a moist face or one already nourished by a serum or cream, squalane helps prevent the loss of moisture from the skin and in this way assists in preserving the skin’s healthy hydrolipidic barrier.

Squalane derived from olive oil differs from classic oils by the fact that it’s extremely stable and has low chemical reactivity which is extremely important when we know that oxidised or rancid oils have the potential to irritate the skin. The product is completely natural, without the addition of parabens, denaturated alcohol or ethanol, artificial fragrances, dyes and other irritants and is packaged in a glass container.



Your skin is dry and dehydrated
Your skin needs 'a little something' to feel more nourished
You love mixing & layering skincare



100% plant derived squalane
Add to any cream / emulsion to enhance lipid content



Skin is less dry and flaky
Skin elasticity is improved

  • How to use

    Use a small amount of Naro (2-4 drops) as an oil booster for your favorite serum emulsion or cream as needed. Helps nourish the skin.

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  • FAQ

    How do I use Naro?

    Naro is best used as a penetration enhancer / lipid booster with your favourite emulsions and creams. It is advised to mix it in directly into a creamy product to instantly enrich it and enhance spreadability and absorption. On dry skin, squalane is great when mixed with nourishing creams or heavier oils like argan or marula oil.

    Is Naro suitable for use around eyes?

    Yes. Seeing that squalane is a naturally occurring substance found in human sebum, the likelihood of it bothering even the most sensitive skin is very small.

    Squalane in Naro is olive derived. Does this mean Naro is actually olive oil?

    No, texturally and performance-wise it has nothing in common with olive oil. Olive oil is generally amber-coloured and thick, with a distinct aroma and low absorption whereas squalane is colorless, has low viscosity and no scent. Squalane can be plant or animal derived. We chose the plant variety to carry in our vegan-friendly assortment.

    What about oily skin, can I use Naro if this is me?

    It all depends on your own preferences and skin’s tolerability. Naro can either be a total hit or a total miss for you. If your oiliness is something that bothers you aesthetically, we would not recommend adding oil-based components to your skincare. On the other hand, if your skin is temporarily overly oily because you underwent drying treatments for acne, than something like Naro could be a perfect addition to your skincare regiment as it will rebalance your sebum production and lock in much needed moisture without clogging your pores. Squalane is also suitable for the treatment of Malassezia induced folliculitis.

  • More information

    PRODUCT TYPEOil booster, helps enrich the texture of serum emulsions and moisturizers and lock in moisture.
    SKIN TYPESAll skin types, including sensitive and reactive
    SPECIFICATION100% plant derived squalane (olive)
    SCENT AND TEXTURELight texture,  fragrance-free
    PACKAGINGOpaque glass bottle with a dropper, 30 ml