Skintegra Atomic postaje Atomica u studenom


In the month that 25.11. marks the International Day against Violence against Women, we created Atomica and painted the moon in its color. The product is the same, but the symbolism is much stronger.

A super heroine in the avatar of a lioness, a symbol of femininity, strength, responsibility, preservation of community and family. The guardian of his territory, the defender of his own space, sets boundaries towards others when he feels threatened. She is strong, gentle and authoritative. This is the confidence we want to awaken in women and what we want every woman to see and feel when she looks in the mirror.

Skintegra Atomic becomes Atomica in November

Why Atomic ?

Part of the symbolism already lies in this product, which is strong in its function, but gentle on the skin. Using Atomic, we remain naked, but also preserved, because its function is to protect our skin barrier.

For the third year in a row, we direct our #GLAS and our donation towards 8 autonomous women's houses whose residents are the end product of inequality in society and very often subordinate, ungrateful, demotivating and socially conditioned "women's roles". This year we are donating libraries for the youngest residents of Safe Houses and our products for their mother lionesses.

It has been proven that psychosocial support for users of Safe Houses leads to their empowerment and greater self-efficacy, as well as setting more concrete and high-quality goals for the future, and that is why we are glad that we can support the work of Safe Houses with our donation.

Being a woman is a responsibility, but also an exceptional privilege. We believe that together we can create a better world, which supports women who are brave, authentic, true to themselves, and at the same time safe in their environment.

Let's be important to ourselves, so that we can protect everything we value and care about.

We are all Atomica .

Let's protect the strength of our barrier. We are made to be resilient.

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