Retinal, or retinaldehyde, is a precursor of vitamin A, or retinoic acid, which is proven to be effective in treating acne and preventing premature aging of the skin. As the strongest over-the-counter retinoid, it works up to 11 times faster than retinol.

Meet Retiron!

Skintegra Retiron 0.05 contains 0.05% encapsulated retinal and prevents the appearance of comedones and pimples and accelerates their healing, at the same time acting preventively on premature signs of skin aging.

What does encapsulated retinal mean?

This form of retinal comes in an encapsulated form, which means that it is in a shell that is activated only when it comes into contact with the skin, allowing for a slower release of the active ingredient. This reduces side effects and at the same time prolongs its effectiveness.

What benefits can you expect by introducing retinal into your routine?

With regular use of Retiron 0.05 , you can expect a reduction in discolorations, including hyperpigmentation and acne scars, less acne and comedones, tighter, firmer skin, reduced wrinkle depth, narrowed pores, and a smoother texture.

It is additionally enriched with a combination of ingredients that restore the barrier function of the skin and provide support for retinal activity, reducing its irritating potential.

What should you pay attention to when introducing Retiron into your routine?

  1. Start small: If you have never used retinal, Retiron will be a great option.

  2. Correct application: It is used exclusively in the evening routine. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply Retiron to dry skin. Then apply a moisturizing cream that does not contain stronger active ingredients.

  3. Use of sun protection factor: Since retinal can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, it is important to use sun protection factor during the day.

  4. Be patient: Results don't come overnight. Retiron will show its benefits after a few months of regular use.

  5. "Retinization": It is possible to experience a temporary period of adaptation to the ingredient that usually lasts 3-4 weeks. The initial action may result in temporary peeling, irritation and occasional acne breakouts, so it is recommended to start using the product 1-2 times a week.

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