Skintegra Atomic i Amphibian za dvostruko čišćenje lica

What is double cleansing?

If you often read about facial care, regularly follow us on social networks and all your friends have changed the way they clean their facial skin, you must be familiar with the DC method. 

The DC method ( double cleanse ) is a double cleansing of the face that is as simple as it sounds - you clean your face twice with two cleansers of different texture and purpose.

The skin needs to be cleaned every evening from impurities, sebum, protective factor and make-up accumulated during the day, but gently, without drying out and disrupting the balance of the hydrolipidic barrier. Cleansers are a very important step in any routine because they prepare the skin for the rest of the care. In addition, inadequate cleansing can result in dehydration, irritation, clogged pores and worsening of acne.

Double cleansing involves two steps:

  1. step: lipid-based cleanser (oil, balm or milk) 
  2. step: water-based cleaner (foam or gel)

An oil cleanser like our Atomic is used as the first step. Atomic is unique because it does not contain unstable oils that burn quickly and easily, but is formulated with extremely stable caprylic triglycerides that have a very safe and non-irritating chemical profile. Oil attracts oil, so the texture itself is key to gently but effectively removing sun protection products, stubborn lipsticks, heavy coverage powders, concealers and other tinted products. The oil base will physically dissolve and remove resistant UV protective filters (designed to stay on your skin as long as possible) and oil-soluble silicones and pigments.

The oil cleanser is applied by hand to a dry, made-up face. Pads , which can irritate and weaken the skin due to pulling , are not necessary, but a gentle massage with the fingertips that will gently melt the makeup. During the massage, water is gradually added to emulsify the oil formula and turn it into milk. Spend at least 20 to 30 seconds on the first step, ideally a little longer. It is often the case that the massage is not performed properly, so be sure to pay attention to how you use the oil cleanser. It is not enough just to quickly "slurp" the product and rinse it with water, because the cleaning will not be done thoroughly.

The second step is a water-based cleaner like Amphibian . The gel will clean the skin of all residual impurities and prepare the skin for the rest of the care, but it must be mild and non-drying. Gel cleaners are formulated on the basis of surfactants, i.e. surfactants that reduce the surface tension of water and enable the removal of impurities and sebum. Some of the most well-known surfactants, SLS and SLES, have a high irritating potential and can be drying due to their strong cleaning properties, which is why their use should be kept to a minimum. In products for sensitive skin and gentle facial cleansers, mild amphoteric surfactants are most often used because they have the smallest, one might even say negligible, irritating potential. This is exactly why they were chosen for Amphibian, to make the cleaning experience as gentle as possible. We know you know how to use gel, right? Water is needed to lather the product before you rinse it off completely and continue with your usual care.

Your frequently asked questions

Do I really need to double cleanse every night?

Yes, even if you don't wear makeup, we recommend an oil cleanser to remove waterproof and UV resistant filters from SPF products.

How should I clean my face in the morning?

Everything you do with your face must be gentle and aim to maintain a healthy hydrolipidic skin barrier. Therefore, it is enough to wash with water in the morning if you do not wake up with an excessively oily T-zone. Otherwise, a mild gel is sufficient for basic morning cleansing.

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