#SKINFORMED / Zrela koža s teksturom i hiperpigmentacijom

#SKINFORMED / Mature skin with texture and hyperpigmentation

Inja S., 46 years old

Skin type : Oily

Main skin challenges : non-inflammatory acne (closed comedones and blackheads), acne scars, brown spots (from the sun, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives), skin texture (pores), superficial wrinkles, deep wrinkles

Describe your skin : what do you want to work on?

"My mature skin is mixed with an oily T-zone, with blackheads and enlarged pores, with shallow wrinkles around the eyes and deeper ones on the forehead. Due to the appearance of hormonal acne, there are spots of acne on my face and some hyperpigmentation spots. So far I have used azelaic acid and retinol alternately in the evening routine, and a salicylic acid based cleanser in the morning and evening routine. I have now bought Architect, so please advise which products are best to combine it with in the morning and evening routine. I would like to achieve better skin texture, with with less visible pores, less sebum and a smoother complexion without blemishes ." 

Skin analysis on a real example

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibia Atomic + Amphibian
Solar I
Lunar serum concentrate

Architect is the ideal choice for treating the mentioned problem on oily skin. Thanks to the concentration of 1% bakuchiol, this serum emulsion treats pigmentation changes and lines and wrinkles, and at the same time helps to normalize increased oiliness of the skin. Along with bakuchiol, Architect contains a combination of ectoine, green tea, panthenol, caffeine and resveratrol that soothe and fill the skin with powerful antioxidants to make the skin more resilient and strong. 

For skin that is already used to using active ingredients, we would recommend combining Lunar serum concentrate with Architect. This concentrate is based on innovative, powerful peptides (Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate, Palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7) which stimulate faster cell turnover and, with regular use, smooth texture, lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and act preventively against premature aging. signs of aging on the skin.

Lunar serum concentrate will act as additional support for Architect to achieve the desired effect on the skin. 

Skintegra Lunar serum concentrate

We definitely recommend daily gentle cleansing, as well as practicing double cleansing in the evening, and we would include Cica-Cera cream as a care base in this routine. Cica-Cera is rich in ceramides that preserve moisture and strengthen the barrier function. Although Inja has oilier skin, Cica-Cera cream is quickly absorbed and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and supple, without a heavy feeling on the face.

We suggest using Architect on its own in the evening after cleansing, and applying Lunar serum and Cica-Cera cream instead of it several times a week.

A general tip for preventing any premature signs of aging is SPF, i.e. a product with a high protection factor. Photodamage, i.e. damage caused by exposure to the sun, can be seen on the face in the form of prematurely appearing spots, lines and wrinkles. In order to prevent them as much as possible, it is important to consistently use a product that protects the skin from a wide spectrum of UV radiation (UVA + UVB).

Treatment products in the routine will visibly help to contribute to a better texture and uniformity, but it is certainly important to use SPF regularly in addition to them in order to act preventively against premature signs of aging.

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