#SKINFORMED / Suha koža sklona psorijazi i keratozi pilaris

#SKINFORMED / Dry skin prone to psoriasis and keratosis pilaris

Petra C., 29 years old

Skin type : normal

Main challenges with the skin : Brown spots, dehydration, superficial wrinkles, skin inflammations

" My facial skin is normal to dry, while the skin of my body is quite dry and partially covered with psoriasis, and there is k eratosis pilaris on my upper arms. The skin on my face is generally undemanding if I have a good routine and care, but if I miss applying a protective cream factor in the morning, my complexion would very quickly become uneven and covered in spots. A good moisturizing cream that is also nourishing is a very important part of my routine without which my face would look dry and dull. Since psoriasis can be less affected by over-the-counter cosmetics , I'm currently trying to reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris on my hands. " 

Keratosis pilaris and psoriasis

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibian Atomic
Ú na
Ú na
Solar I

+ Clarion 2% BHA Body Cleanser

Explanation :

Keratosis pilaris, also known as "turkey skin", is a common, mild skin disease that most often affects the skin of the cheeks and the back of the upper arms, and manifests itself as a group of dry, small white or red bumps that cannot be squeezed out and the skin is uneven in texture. Such skin does not function properly, and the result is accumulated keratin that forms a plug and remains trapped in the pore. It is not known why there is an increased accumulation of keratin and the development of keratosis, but this disease is autosomal, which means that it is most often genetically determined. 

Keratosis pilaris cannot be treated or prevented, but the appearance of rough and dry skin can be significantly reduced with the use of exfoliants and extensive care , which is extremely important since dryness can further accentuate this problem. 

At KP, we recommend Clarion 2% BHA Cleanser 2x a week. Clarion Cleanser has a keratolytic effect and exfoliates dead skin cells and at the same time softens rough skin, and it is very easy to use on the affected areas in the shower . After showering, the skin of that part needs to be richly nourished.

Skintegra Clarion 2% BHA Cleanser

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder, and we recognize it by silvery scales that cover clearly demarcated, dry, red inflamed areas. They most often appear on the bends of the extremities, such as knees and joints and elbows as in the picture. Skin cells do not differentiate properly in psoriasis. Namely, the process of differentiation, instead of the usual month, lasts only 4 days in psoriasis. It is this too rapid cell turnover that results in the accumulation of cells and thickened areas on the skin. Psoriasis also cannot be cured, but it can be kept under control by using acids in fatty bases that will remove scales and soften the skin, and the use of urea is also recommended. In case of severe inflammation, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor.

As for facial skin, we would recommend Petra's Úna cream for basic daily care to nourish her dry skin, along with daily use of Solar I SPF30 fluid for UV protection. Since the skin is prone to hyperpigmentation, daily use of Superba C is recommended with Solar I in the morning routine to give the skin additional antioxidant protection and for this combination to maximally prevent new spots and lighten existing ones and even out the skin tone. Superba C is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and contains a minimalist but powerful combination of 10% vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbyl phosphate, as well as vitamin E and ferulic acid. Gentle cleansers will fit into this routine, without fear of drying out.

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