Reaktivna koža sklona nepravilnostima

#SKINFORMED / Reactive skin with irregularities

Leonarda M., 28 years old

Skin type : mixed

Main skin challenges: acne (inflammatory), non-inflammatory acne (closed comedones and blackheads), acne scars, skin texture (pores), reactive (intolerant) skin

"I'm making an order, so I need advice. My skin is normal to mixed, kind of gray and with enlarged pores. I'm not really a representative of any problem skin group, so some strong products didn't always suit me and I damaged my skin a lot . The irregularities I have are visible on the photos sent."

Skintegra closed comedones, pores, texture

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibia Atomic
Solar I Infrared

+ Volcano later

Explanation : 

Combination skin tends to get more oily on certain parts, most often on the T-zone, while the cheeks are normal to dry and can tighten, and is often prone to clogged pores. Such skin needs moderate nourishing care that will nourish the dry parts of the face, without adding extra fat and leaving a feeling of heaviness on the T-zone.

Due to more reactive and sensitive skin that does not respond well to strong active ingredients for acne, we recommend a treatment product that acts on minor imperfections and at the same time strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

To begin with, we recommend cleaning the skin with a gentle and non-drying Amphibian gel, whose formula ensures thorough cleaning without additional irritation. If you use tinted products and SPF, it is advisable to practice the double cleansing method in the evening routine. Atomic, an oil pre-cleanser, will dissolve SPF and makeup, and Amphibian will completely cleanse the face and prepare the skin for the rest of the care.

There are no significant active inflammations on Leonarda's skin, but minor irregularities are present. The skin looks a bit tired, with slightly more expressive and clogged pores. For this reason, we recommend Infrared, a concentrated serum that makes the skin visibly and noticeably healthier in a short time. The fast-absorbing watery texture enriched with ectoine hydrates the skin, cancels the discomfort caused by inflammation and evens out the skin tone.

Skintegra Infrared and Spectra for reactive skin

The active ingredient in Infrared, a derivative of azelaic acid, instantly relieves redness and soothes the skin. Although it is a soothing product, it is a potent formula, so to begin with we recommend using Infrared once a day, and later it can be used in both the morning and evening routine.

Along with this treatment serum, we suggest soothing, neutral hydration like Spectra, a serum emulsion with an emollient but light texture. Combination skin will not be nutritious, and with soothing panthenol, allantoin and vitamin B12, it also provides the skin with daily antioxidant support.

After cleansing and Infrared, Solar I protective fluid is the ideal conclusion to the morning routine. In addition to SPF protection, Solar I will replace cream on combination skin. The protective factor will maximally prevent the darkening of treatment spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Subsequently, Volcanica, an atypical clay mask that deeply cleanses the pores, does not dry out the skin. Silt and bentonite act as microexfoliants and natural cleaners, and the hydroglycerin base protects the barrier function from drying out.

We recommended this routine to Leonarda a month ago, and she recently contacted us with her impressions and a photo after using the product.

The striking Before&After confirms that even a gentle approach, without aggressive active ingredients, gives results even better than expected.

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