Edukacija na primjeru lica

#SKINFORMED / First signs of aging, dehydration and comedones

Anica R., 30 years old

Skin type : combination

Main skin challenges : Non-inflammatory acne (closed comedones and blackheads), brown spots, skin texture (pores), dehydration (flaking and tightening), deep wrinkles

"My skin is dehydrated, with enlarged pores, comedones, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation ."

Combination skin with the first signs of aging

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibia Atomic
Nectar as needed Amphibia
Solar I Nectar

What is needed for hydrated skin with an even tone and texture?

Daily gentle, non-drying cleansing, as well as intensive but light hydration are important for combination skin to avoid dehydration, thereby reducing dehydration lines and wrinkles and balancing the skin's hydrolipidic barrier. Atomic and Amphibian represent a mild cleansing duo that will prepare the skin for the rest of the care and additionally help to maintain clean pores. 

The problem of dehydration and tired looking skin can easily be solved with a moisturizing tonic such as Nectar. Nectar is pH optimized and rich in moisturizers of different molecular sizes that hydrate multiple layers of the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, urea and amino acids that belong to the skin's natural moisturizing factors, ingredients that instantly restore lost surface moisture. Nectar comes in practical packaging with a dispenser in the form of a spray, and is used both in the morning and in the evening after cleansing and before the cream. Correcting dehydration is a prerequisite for a healthier skin appearance, because dehydrated skin will be more prone to inflammation, irritation and clogged pores.

Skintegra Nectar moisturizing tonic

A cleverly designed formulation of one product can treat several different problems, which is often imperative in the summer when most owners of mixed or oily skin look for an alternative to keratolytics and switch to fewer products and lighter textures in their routine. For such a case, Architect serum emulsion is ideal for daily care. This hybrid purpose product combines the best of serum and cream because it contains a high concentration of active ingredients and acts as a treatment product, while at the same time the light texture deeply hydrates and nourishes, without feeling heavy and greasy. Due to its unique texture, it replaces the classic cream on mixed and oily skin, while it can also be used as a classic serum with additional cream or oil on dry skin. Architect contains a carefully selected complex of moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as ectoine , green tea, panthenol, allantoin, caffeine and resveratrol, which act synergistically, hydrate, soothe and "fill" the skin with powerful antioxidants to make it smoother, more resistant and stronger. 

Thanks to the addition of 1% bakuchiol, Architect simultaneously treats acne and comedones, as well as the first signs of aging such as brown hyperpigmentation spots, loss of tone and wrinkles. Bakuchiol is a plant ingredient whose function is comparable to that of retinoids, but compared to them, it is much more tolerable on the skin, has no contraindications for use during pregnancy and does not make the skin sensitive to the sun. With regular use of this serum emulsion, the skin becomes visibly healthier, fresher and more even. 

Skintegra Architect serum emulsion

The focal point of Anica's skin routine is Solar I: a fluid with a high UV protection factor that protects the skin from signs of photoaging and helps keep the skin youthful and healthy in the long term, while its light fluid texture enriched with ectoine hydrates and regenerates dehydrated skin. 

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