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#SKINFORMED / Dry skin and acne on the lower part of the face

Monika Š., 24 years old

Skin type : Dry

Main challenges with the skin : Acne (inflammatory) - pustules and papules, spots that remain after acne, dehydration, dryness, superficial wrinkles, history of minor changes

"In my younger days, I had mixed to oily facial skin, but today it is dehydrated and I am struggling to find an appropriate routine (in which the budget also plays a role, given that I am a student). The T-zone, and especially the chin, is the driest, while why does the beard get red and lichen-like (which is not the case at the time of taking the photo, but I'm not looking forward too much because it might be tomorrow). The jaw area is problematic in terms of inflammatory processes and acne, recurrent, and a problem of a genetic nature. I'm 24 years old, but I definitely don't have the youthful appearance of my skin as stated."

Acne on the lower part of the face

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibia Atomic
Infrared Amphibia
Solar I Clarion as a topical treatment

Can combination skin have the characteristics of dry skin?

The skin type is generally unchanged, but mixed skin can become dehydrated or dried out with a feeling of tightness due to the use of overly aggressive or inadequate products. When the skin's protective barrier is damaged in this way, the aforementioned symptoms such as peeling, dehydration lines and wrinkles, redness and inflammatory processes appear. To begin with, we would advise restoring and strengthening the skin's protective barrier, with a gentle product such as our CICA-CERA cream. This cream is rich in ingredients such as ceramides, Centella, madecasosides, madecassic acid and asiatic acid, which synergistically improve hydration, soften and restore the skin and strengthen its barrier function. CICA-CERA can be applied several times throughout the day on the chin in case of increased flaking, and if necessary locally also after serum and before SPF in the morning routine.

Skintegra CICA-CERA cream for skin protection and renewal

Although they are in contact with the skin for a very short time and are washed off, cleaning products are most often the main culprits for dehydrated skin, since aggressive cleaning contributes to the destruction of the protective barrier. It is very important to clean the face as gently as possible, regardless of skin type, for which we recommend products based on mild surfactants, that is, cleansers that will not affect the resistance of the skin barrier. 

How to treat acne on the lower part of the face?

In some cases, there is a genetic predisposition to the development of acne, that is, this problem can be hereditary and often someone in the family already struggles with a more severe form of acne. In addition, since the localization of Monica's acne is very specific (only the jaw and neck) and the acne appears repeatedly in the same place, the cause of the acne may be a hormonal imbalance, which must be checked with a doctor who is the only one who can find out if there is a link with some internal factor and help in addressing it.

Skintegra Infrared serum for soothing and hydration

Unfortunately, this type of acne cannot be affected by cosmetics alone, but certain products can help reduce inflammation and keep the condition under control, as well as help repair spots left behind after inflammation.

Even with a completely normal hormonal picture, in some individuals the skin is particularly sensitive to the effects of normal levels of androgen hormones. In such cases, a hormonal disorder is not necessarily noticeable, but the skin may still show symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Infrared is a dual action serum that will help Monika with dehydration and inflammation at the same time. Infrared is rich in moisturizers such as azeloglycine, ectoine, niacinamide and panthenol, which deeply hydrate, and at the same time have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, strengthen its barrier and repair damage to the skin. Infrared is used daily on the entire face, but for additional treatment of inflammatory acne, a chemical exfoliant can occasionally be incorporated into this routine. Clarion serum contains a combination of salicylic and glycolic acids, which means that it has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect, penetrates through the sebum into the clogged pore and deeply cleans it, improving the tone and texture on the surface. Since it is a very potent product targeted at oilier types, Monika would use it less often, as a local treatment in the evening routine, in a thin layer on the acne itself. With such an adapted method of use and adequate hydration, there is no fear of potential dehydration. 

Finally, we must not forget about a product with a high protection factor, so that the skin is protected from the sun and signs of photoaging, and that existing treatment spots do not darken further under the influence of UV radiation.

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