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#SKINFORMED / Does Tamara really have acne?

Tamara L., 34 years old 

Skin type : Combination

Main challenges with the skin : acne (inflammatory) - pustules and papules, spots that remain after acne, skin texture (pores), seborrhea (too much sebum), dryness (lack of sebum), surface wrinkles, reactive (intolerant) skin

Describe your skin: what do you want to work on?

" Texture, acne, the first signs of aging and that I don't have to wear foundation. Right now my skin is in a slightly better condition than usual, so I'm attaching more realistic photos from a week ago. :) I already use Triu Light, Atomic, Superbu C and Lunar. I also have Architect, but it seems to me that, unfortunately, it's not really for my skin, no matter how slowly I introduce it."

Scanintegra analysis of mixed skin

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening

Does Tamara have classic acne?

In the photo that Tamara sent us, we can see that it is sensitive skin with pronounced redness and several small pustules. These pustules are most likely not real acne, so we recommend a dermatological examination as the first step. Only a dermatologist will be able to make a specific diagnosis and, if necessary, prescribe adequate therapy.

Visible tenderness, redness and pustules are signs of poor barrier function. A damaged barrier leads to a lower tolerance of active ingredients, which means that this type of skin is not a candidate for active ingredients, and instead of products with strong active ingredients that Tamara currently uses, we would recommend focusing on hydration and renewal, i.e. strengthening the protective barrier to make it more resistant. 

Skintegra Infrared serum for sensitive skin

A simple daily routine includes serum and cream, products targeted for sensitive skin and aimed at strengthening the barrier function. Infrared is a serum with an azelaic acid derivative that soothes the skin in the short term, reduces breakouts and redness, and improves skin function, which becomes more resilient and fresher with regular use. CICA-CERA is ideal in combination with Infrared for this purpose. Its gentle, nourishing texture softens and restores the skin without feeling heavy, thanks to ingredients such as ceramides and the CICA complex, which help reactive skin in imbalance. Both products can be used as complementary care to medical therapy in cases where it is needed.

Skintegra CICA-CERA cream texture for skin renewal

Clean your skin once or twice a day? It depends!

Although we often advise that the skin should be cleansed both in the morning and in the evening, with such sensitive skin with impaired barrier function, it is preferable to dilute the cleansing to 1x a day , i.e. in the morning, wash the face only with water, while for evening care we recommend practicing double cleansing with gentle cleansers without aggressive surfactants will remove makeup and SPF and prepare the skin for the rest of the care.

A gentle approach to facial care with fewer products is always imperative for reactive, sensitive skin.

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