#SKINFORMED / Hormonalno uvjetovana hiperpigmentacija

#SKINFORMED / Hormonally conditioned hyperpigmentation

Jelena B., 26 years old

Skin type : Dry

Main skin challenges : inflammatory acne, non-inflammatory acne (closed comedones and blackheads), brown spots (from the sun, pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives), dryness, superficial wrinkles

Describe your skin: what do you want to work on?

"My skin is dry and dehydrated. I have mainly non-inflammatory acne (comedones and blackheads) and some inflammatory acne here and there, depending on the monthly cycle. During pregnancy, brown spots appeared on the forehead and scalp. After exposure to the sun, I also have on the face, they further increase the freckles, which, admittedly, do not bother me, but definitely make the complexion uneven. I also notice surface wrinkles." 


Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibia Atomic
Superb C Lunar serum
Solar I Cica-Cera

Hyperpigmentation during pregnancy

A very common occurrence on the skin during pregnancy on all types is a change in pigmentation, i.e. an increased formation of brown pigment that we see on the skin in the form of brownish spots. The aforementioned hyperpigmentation occurs during this period due to hormone fluctuations, as well as genetic predisposition. With proper skincare, hyperpigmentation usually gradually disappears after pregnancy, but in some cases it is extremely difficult to remove, so it is important to take care of care and lifestyle habits that can increase the intensity of hyperpigmentation. 

Skintegra Solar I

First and foremost, daily sun protection in the form of a cream with a high protection factor, but also general avoidance of exposure to the sun's rays, is the most important. Namely, UV radiation can significantly worsen existing hyperpigmentation , and no treatment product will help in remediation if we are not protected from the sun. Since it is a product that is applied in daily care, we advise you to choose a product that simultaneously protects and hydrates, such as Solar I cream.

For additional antioxidant protection and help in evening out the tone, we recommend combining a vitamin serum with a cream with a protective factor. The special feature of our Superb C serum is that it contains a form of vitamin C, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is not photosensitizing. This means that it does not make the skin more sensitive to the sun and will not worsen existing spots, but rather, in combination with Solar, it makes a powerful combination for treating and preventing this problem.

In order to make maximum use of antioxidant protection, we recommend using Superbu C as a treatment product in morning care, while for the evening we have Lunar night serum concentrate. Thanks to the complex of peptides, Lunar serum simultaneously affects the tone and texture of the skin (spots and wrinkles), which makes it an excellent alternative to acids and retinoids during pregnancy and breastfeeding when ingredients of this type are avoided. In addition, the Lunar serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid, panthenol and glycerin, which intensively hydrate the skin. Already after a short use, it is possible to see a change in the freshness of the complexion and fewer surface lines.

Skintegra Cica-Cera

A cream that covers the needs of different skin types. 

We can recommend Cica-Cera cream to all skin types for basic care because it is a very nutritious texture that is quickly absorbed and helps to rehabilitate dehydration and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. In addition to three types of ceramides, Cica-Cera contains Cica complex, colloidal oats, panthenol and prebiotic ingredients that prevent dryness, make the skin soft and elastic, and maintain the skin's microbiome in optimal condition. For additional care as needed, Cica-Cera can be combined with Nectar moisturizing essence spray or Naro oil booster, which additionally care for the skin. 

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