Otvorili smo novi proizvodni pogon i postavili standard kozmetičke industrije

We opened a new production facility and set the standard for the cosmetics industry

We have opened a new production facility that will bring innovation, quality and new jobs in the cosmetics industry in Croatia.

The production plant project, with a total value of over 3 million euros , will not only increase production capacity, but will also contribute to the development of the local economic scene.

New generation production facility

Located in Odra, in Zagreb, the production plant of over 800 m2, with an additional 1010 m2 of farm yard, includes a production hall, laboratory, office space and storage facilities.

The facility is home to modern laboratory spaces, advanced equipment and devices, and the latest technologies in the cosmetic industry - while producing the products of our two brands: Skintegra and Skinlick .

The investment in this production facility did not include only construction works and equipment - we also created new jobs. With the new plant, we will enable an independent continuous process of development of the production of cosmetic products, which we want to further strengthen our position on the market .

Brands that conquer markets

For 6 years, through the company Creaticon doo ., which stands behind the brands Skintegra and Skinlicka, we have been creating a vision that we are expanding beyond the borders of Croatia, already to 19 countries within Europe .

From the very beginning, we strive for innovation and quality, and at the same time we are strongly committed to social responsibility and community support.

Donations to safe women's houses, shelters for abandoned animals and environmentally conscious practice are part of the brand's mission and we will not give up on them in the future.

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