Sintegra Solar I SPF30 fluid za zaštitu od sunca za sve tipove kože

Normal skin: care tips

Do you know what type of skin you have? Sometimes it is difficult to judge which type our skin belongs to, so for this reason we have prepared a simple and clear guide that will help you confirm whether your skin is really a normal type. Learn all about normal skin type - what are the characteristics of normal skin type, how to deal with the challenges of this skin type and which care products to choose.

How to recognize a normal skin type?

Normal skin represents an ideal, very rare type of skin characterized by a balanced ratio of sebum and moisture, i.e. a healthy hydrolipidic barrier and naturally elastic skin.

The skin has a healthy, light glow. It does not get too greasy and there is no feeling of tightness, while the pores are present in smaller numbers, usually barely visible.

Skintegra texture Solar I SPF30 fluid for all skin types on the model's face

How to take care of normal skin type?

Normal skin usually does not suffer from clogging, so the most important thing in the care routine is to use products that will continue to keep its barrier healthy and balanced.

This is why we recommend using a light layering routine, eg a combination like Nectar, Hydra B and Nara.

Nectar is a spray essence that restores lost moisture to the skin after cleansing and prepares it for the use of Hydra B serum emulsion for deep skin hydration , while the addition of one to two drops of Naro oil booster with vegetable squalane nourishes and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Since with normal skin the focus is on maintenance of condition, optimal hydration and prevention of dehydration or premature signs of aging such as spots, lines and wrinkles, it is definitely recommended to use products with a high protection factor regularly during the day. Solar I moisturizing SPF 30 fluid has high protection and protects the skin from a wide spectrum of UV radiation (UVA and UVB), and at the same time hydrates and preserves the barrier function of the skin thanks to the combination of powerful antioxidants and humectants such as green tea, betaine, ectoine and panthenol.

Skintegra Nectar tonic and Hydra B serum emulsion for hydration of normal skin with a model

We recommend gentle products without aggressive sulfates (SLS and SLES), alcohol and soap for removing make-up, creams with a protective factor and cleaning the skin. The combination of Atomic oil pre-cleanser and Amphibian gel is ideal for a mild but thorough double cleansing of the skin.

What are the characteristics of other skin types?

If after reading the article you still think that you made a mistake and that you do not have a normal skin type, check by clicking on the link whether your skin is dry , oily or mixed .

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