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Sodium ascorbyl phosphate: what you need to know

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (sodium ascorbyl phosphate or SAP) is an extremely safe, stable and water-soluble form of vitamin C that functions as a potent antioxidant on the skin, effective in brightening an uneven and tired complexion and keeping the skin sparkling clean. 

Relatively small amounts of sodium ascorbyl phosphate (at least 5%) are sufficient to regulate acne-prone skin and sebum hyperproduction , and in this sense, products based on this vitamin C derivative simultaneously prevent the development of new acne on a microbiological level and act on the remnants of previously present pimples.

SAP has been proven to reduce skin oxidative stress caused by environmental factors such as UV radiation and air pollution, leading to microscopic skin damage that accumulates over time. We notice this accumulation of skin damage, as well as reduced collagen production, as signs of skin aging. As an antioxidant, SAP works against oxidative stress, and it is estimated that it is effective in this role even at very low concentrations (0.2% to 2%). In addition to being an antioxidant, SAP also acts as a melanin inhibitor, which is why it is especially important as a cosmetic component against hormonally induced hyperpigmentation and procedural pigmentation , and for a lightening effect, a concentration above 3% is appropriate. 

It is very useful to emphasize that SAP is mild enough and highly tolerable even for very sensitive skin . In fact, vitamin C is recommended for skin with weakened capillary function.

Skintegra Superba C serum with vitamin C

Superba C serum contains 10% sodium ascorbyl phosphate , which makes it extremely effective on all skin types that face the first signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines), textural skin problems, pigmentation spots, uneven and tired skin tone, and acne. 

Due to its stability in a pH medium of 6 to 6.5, our high-dose serum with SAP can be combined with other active components such as niacinamide and bakuchiol. Thanks to the fact that SAP is not photosensitizing, that is, it does not make the skin more sensitive to the sun, it is recommended to use Superba C in the morning routine under products with a protective factor. With Superba C, the protective factor has a stronger photoprotective effect, which makes this combination ideal for evening out the blotchy skin tone, but also for preventing premature signs of aging on the skin.


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