Skintegra Volcanica glinena pročišćujuća maska

How to prepare the skin for a big event

It's the season of baptisms, weddings and graduations. Events commemorated with many photos often entail the need to shine on them, so many reach for all kinds of last-minute solutions to improve the appearance of the skin.

Aggressive care and products that the skin is not used to go hand in hand with a damaged protective barrier. That's why we advise you to choose gentle and thoughtful care for your next event.

We talked about this topic with an expert, Dr. Dora Madiraca Glasović, a specialist in dermatovenerology from the Clinic for Skin and Sexual Diseases of the KBC Sisters of Mercy in Zagreb.


  • Use of chemical peels

"Chemical peeling removes the surface or deeper layers of the skin (depending on the type and method of application) with the aim of improving skin tone," explains Dr. Madiraca.
Although chemical peels promise "new" skin after just one use, these are potent products to which each skin will react differently and can cause irritation and redness right before the event.

  • Skipping moisturizing care 

A crucial part of preserving the normal function of the skin is taking care of the hydrolipid balance, i.e. the skin's protective barrier. Maintaining the hydrolipidic barrier is something that needs to be done all year round, so restoring hydration to the skin will make a big difference. Dehydration lines will be less visible, the skin will look smoother, and makeup will be applied better because the skin will not absorb moisture from cosmetic products.

  • Introducing potent products at the last minute

Adding new products to the routine and tolerance to them will depend on individual skin reactivity. Then it is better to put your hopes in moisturizing serums and creams.
"They contain soothing and hydrating ingredients such as panthenol, niacinamide, ceramide, which restore and protect the skin barrier from external harmful factors and prevent transepidermal water loss," explains Dr. Madiraca.

  • Ignoring clogged pores

"Pores on the surface of the skin secrete sebum, which, in combination with various particles from the environment, can clog the pore with the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of inflammatory processes, blackheads and acne," simplified Dr. Madiraca, "regular cleaning with mild cleansers that do not damage the skin barrier is necessary a step in achieving a healthy and uniform complexion without pronounced irregularities".

  • Expecting overnight results

While the skin reacts very positively to a gentle approach and treatment products that strengthen its protective barrier, patience is a key ingredient in any routine. Restoring the health of the skin is an individual process, but quality care restores self-confidence and faith that transformation is on the way from the very first use.


" I always emphasize that the important rule in skin care is " less is more", i.e. a simple routine consisting of a mild cleanser, moisturizing cream or lotion, with mandatory protection from the sun," says Dr. Madiraca. 

On special occasions, the same rule applies, with treatment products that will ensure that the skin is at its best. 

The first step is to clean the skin and not squeeze out or aggravate possible imperfections such as acne and blackheads. For blockages, it is always better to arrange a mechanical cleaning with a professional beautician, at least two weeks before the event.

Skintegra Solar I cream with UV protection factor

Cleansing with Amphibian gel : A mild gel cleanser that will remove impurities and suit even the most sensitive skin. The first step is crucial, especially if you plan to apply "heavier" makeup later.

Deep pore cleansing with Volcanica : An atypical clay mask that simultaneously penetrates the pores without drying the skin. In addition, it additionally soothes inflamed skin and preserves its barrier function.

Strengthening the protective barrier with Infrared: The moisturizing serum is applied to damp skin and after only a very short time of use, it makes it stronger, fresher and calmer. The skin quickly takes on a healthier appearance.

Hydration with CICA-CERA treatment cream : Intensively moisturizes and refreshes the skin, leaving it even, soft and supple. It is suitable for all skin types because it soothes and restores balance.

Sun protection with Solar I : An inevitable step for outdoor events. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy texture of this fluid protects against a wide spectrum of UV radiation, without feeling heavy and greasy on the skin.

Double cleansing with Atomic : For effective removal of waterproof makeup, we suggest an oil pre-cleanser. In addition to removing impurities, it suppresses inflammatory processes and nourishes the skin. It is followed by Amphibian.

No matter how positive they are, important events come with a dose of stress. That is why it is necessary to have a mild and effective routine that you can rely on. A seemingly simple routine based on proper cleansing, hydration and a thoughtful treatment product can lead to a huge and rapid transformation. Preserving the skin's protective barrier is an investment of time and effort, for which it is never too late, and in which changes can be seen quickly.

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