When we think about facial cleansers, we usually think that they don't differ so much and that it's not such an important product in our routine, since it's rinsed off the face after a short time. The reality is a little different though. As with creams or serums, their purpose, texture or feel on the skin can be completely different and correspond to different preferences. Also, a cleanser is one of the most important products because it prepares the skin for applying the rest of your skincare. Since you can now find four facial cleansing products in Skintegra range, we will present them here in detail, so read on if you want to know more!

What is the difference between Skintegra cleansers?

The first product is Amphibian. It is a very gentle cleansing gel for all skin types, even the most sensitive one. Its texture is very interesting, and we like to describe it as "aqua-jelly". It gently removes surface impurities, while the color of this product enhances every cleansing experience. It foams extremely well, but doesn't dry out the skin because it doesn't contain any aggressive surfactants and is enriched with moisturizing ingredients. It can be used as a stand-alone morning and evening cleanser, or as a second cleanser in your evening routine if you practice double cleansing.

Atomic is special for its oily texture that is not actually an oil. That's right, it will pleasantly surprise you because its base is made of different lipids - non-comedogenic and stable caprylic triglycerides. We use Atomic as the first step for removing heavier waterproof make-up or a sunscreen. Atomic emulsifies in contact with water and turns into a milky texture, after which we use a gel cleanser to complete the double cleansing routine. This minimalist pre-cleanser leaves no one indifferent!

Skintegra Atomic i Amphibian čistači za lice

Melt Milk is the newest Skintegra member, and we can describe it as a modern version of a face milk. Namely, it's a transparent milk cleanser and make-up remover in an innovative technological form that resembles a liquid gel. Melt Milk is ideal for sensitive and dehydrated skin, and after rinsing it leaves a feeling of comfort on the skin. It can be used as the first or second cleansing step, but also on its own. Melt Milk is applied directly to dry face, massaged and then washed off. It can also be used with a cotton pad as a classic makeup remover milk.

Skintegra Melt Milk prozirno mlijeko za čišćenje lica

Clarion BHA 2% Cleanser is a micro-exfoliating cleansing gel that doesn't contain physical granules. Gentle exfoliation is performed by 2% salicylic acid, which, with the addition of zinc, helps keep the skin under control, unclogs pores and is also very useful for skin prone to seborrhea. Clarion Cleanser is very multifunctional because it's not only a face cleanser, but it's also intended for the body. Clogged pores can often appear on your back and décolleté, so you can use this product in the shower as well. It is an ideal cleanser for combination and oily skin. On sensitive and thin skin, Clarion Cleanser can be used 1-2 times a week, while the resistant skin of the face and body will tolerate the Clarion Cleanser well used daily. Also, Clarion Cleanser is recommended for beginners because it's a product with acids that is washed off and doesn't stay on the skin!

Skintegra Clarion 2% BHA čistač za lice i tijelo

Which cleanser to choose?

According to the descriptions above, you can get an impression of the ideal product that will meet your expectations for a face cleanser. We would suggest Amphibian, Melt Milk and Atomic for every skin type, with the emphasis that Melt Milk will be preferred by sensitive skin.

We recommend Clarion 2% BHA Cleanser for oily skin that struggles with irregularities on the face or body.

Do I need to double cleanse?

If you use a sunscreen every day, it's recommended to practice double cleansing. You can use a combination of Atomic and Amphibian, Melt Milk and Amphibian, Atomic and Clarion Cleanser, even Melt Milk alone twice - it all depends on you, your skin's needs and preferences. Discover your ideal cleansing combination with us!

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