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#SKINFORMED / Redness and enlarged pores

Nea N., 22 years old

Skin type : combination

Main skin challenges : Skin texture (pores), seborrhea (too much sebum), rosacea

"My skin is dry on my cheeks and chin, while the T zone can sometimes get oily, especially after wearing make-up for a long time. Also, on the edges of the cheekbones and on the top of the forehead, small pimples can occasionally appear. What bothers me the most is the redness that is present on the cheeks and enlarged pores on the nose. Rosacea was not diagnosed by a dermatologist, but it is my guess because my mother has it. I am currently using Atomic, Infrared serum and Una cream. I occasionally add Lumion and Naro to my night care."

Redness and enlarged pores

Recommended routine :

Morning In the evening
Amphibian Atomic
Infrared Amphibia
Spectra as needed
Solar I Pomegranate


How do you know if facial redness is related to rosacea?

Diffuse redness on the central part of the face that intensifies under certain conditions certainly points to rosacea, as does the fact that Ne's mother suffers from it because rosacea is often genetically determined, but any diagnosis can only be made by a dermatologist, so we always recommend visiting him. If necessary, the dermatologist will swab the skin, prescribe adequate therapy depending on the case, but also help define exactly what it is, because not all redness is the same.

Nea already uses some products suitable for her skin type and condition, but we would advise a few changes to her routine to make it even more focused on addressing the desired issues. Given that Ne's skin is combination and prone to pimples, we would recommend cleansing the skin primarily with a gel, and using Atomic to remove makeup as the first step in the evening routine. Amphibian is targeted at combination and oily skins, as such skins generally prefer gel textures, but Amphibian's formulation is gentle enough and created with mild surfactants and moisturizing ingredients so that it is non-drying and will thoroughly cleanse the skin of any residual impurities and additionally help in preventing clogged pores. Texturally, Ú might be too rich for this type of skin for every day, so we recommend using it as an occasional night treatment, and combining Spectra and Naro daily. Spectra is a light serum emulsion sufficient to hydrate oilier parts of the face, and on drier parts it is combined with Naro oil booster, which will increase its nutrition. With such a tailored approach, the skin gets what it needs in certain areas. In addition to hydrating and nourishing, Spectra is enriched with vitamin B12 and gentle herbal ingredients that have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and strengthen its barrier function, which is crucial for sensitive skin and skin prone to redness.

Skintegra Spectra serum emulsion

Lumion is an ideal chemical exfoliant for all skin types, because it does not dry out dry skin, and on mixed and oily skin it works great on clogged pores and texture, but due to its potent and effective combination of acids, it is not recommended for sensitive skin, nor for skin prone to redness and skins that have any vascular disease such as rosacea. With such skins, the priority is to strengthen the protective barrier so that the skin is more resistant and less prone to redness. Compared to Lumion, Infrared is a more ideal choice for treating minor irregularities, but at the same time for additional hydration and visibly calmer skin.

In rosacea, the redness cannot be permanently resolved, but it can be kept under control by using an adequate gentle routine and avoiding factors that make the redness worse. The most common of them are UV radiation, spicy food, alcohol, heat, cold and increased physical activity. For this reason, it is very important to protect the skin from the sun and regularly apply a product with a protective factor during the day.

All recommended products can also be used as complementary skin care for every day with medical therapy in cases where it is needed.

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