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Combination skin: care tips

Do you know what type of skin you have? Sometimes it is difficult to judge which type our skin belongs to, so for this reason we have prepared a simple and clear guide that will help you confirm if your skin is really combination. Find out everything about combination skin - what are the characteristics of combination skin, how to deal with the challenges of this skin type and which care products to choose.

How to recognize mixed skin?

As the name suggests, the mixed skin type has features of both oily and dry skin. Most often, the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oilier with the appearance of acne and comedones, while the cheeks are dry or normal. Oilier parts of the skin are characterized by excessive production of sebum (seborrhea) and in these areas we notice enlarged but also clogged pores. On the T-zone, an oily sheen is present throughout the day, and to the touch, an oily trace remains on the hand. Fatty parts are more likely to develop comedones and inflammatory acne, so such skin is often accompanied by irregularities that also need to be treated with the appropriate product.

Skintegra Atomic oil cleanser and Amphibian cleansing gel for combination skin with model

How to take care of mixed skin?

With combination skin, the biggest challenge is to choose an adequate care routine, because this skin type requires a combined approach to cover the demands of both the oilier and drier parts.

For this reason, it is recommended to use lighter textures on oilier parts, while cheek care can be enhanced with an additional nourishing product. Tria Light cream is an ideal product for the care of the whole face of this skin type, since the addition of 6% niacinamide works to regulate oiliness, reduces acne, comedones and blemishes and restores the skin's balance and natural resistance.

If necessary, this cream for dry cheeks can be combined with an oil booster such as Nara. Naro is a 100% vegetable squalane that moisturizes and nourishes and softens the skin in a bioidentical way on sebum.

Skintegra Tria Light cream with niacinamide for combination skin with a model

Can combination skin be dehydrated?

With mixed skin, it is very important not to neglect proper cleansing and to choose gentle products that will not potentiate skin dehydration, such as Atomic oil pre-cleanser for removing makeup and Amphibian skin cleansing gel .

Namely, mixed skin type can often be dehydrated due to improper, aggressive cleaning or excessive exfoliation of the skin in order to regulate sebum. Skin dehydration can occur on any skin type due to transepidermal moisture loss, even mixed skin. If the skin has become dehydrated (which we can recognize by surface tightness and shallow lines), then it is necessary to supply it with an adequate level of moisture using moisturizers such as hyaluronic acid, glycerol and panthenol. Humectants or humectants are smart ingredients that attract and bind water to skin cells and maintain optimal skin moisture. Care that includes a combination of moisturizers and neutral emollients is ideal for dehydrated skin.

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