Skintegra ArchitectSkintegra Architect

Skintegra Architect

Repairing serum emulsion for problematic & ageing skin
Skintegra ClarionSkintegra Clarion

Skintegra Clarion

Exfoliating serum for combination / oily & acne-prone skin
Skintegra InfraredSkintegra Infrared

Skintegra Infrared

Calming serum for inflammation-prone skin
Skintegra LumionSkintegra Lumion

Skintegra Lumion

Exfoliating toner for tired, congested and ageing skin all skin types
Skintegra Solar ISkintegra Solar I

Skintegra Solar I

Broad spectrum UV protection (SPF30) fluid for sensitive skin
Skintegra Superba CSkintegra Superba C

Skintegra Superba C

Brightening & revitalising serum for dispigmented skin, all skin types
Skintegra Tria LightSkintegra Tria Light

Skintegra Tria Light

Treatment cream for normal to oily & blemish-prone skin